Customer Testimonials About Phoenix Trailers

Just a short email to thank you for the excellent service and quality of the trailer I recently purchased. It really is easy to load and unload and with a 450kg Harley on board tows perfectly.
Many thanks again
“Before I left for Timbuktu, I looked around for a trailer that could carry up to three bikes along what I knew has one of the worst roads in the world on it’s route. If we hadn’t got the right support there, we’d be 8000 miles away from home and in a right mess. John at Phoenix asked me to road test one of his trailers and it was great. It passed the test. For ordinary roadwork I wouldn’t hesitate to use a Phoenix trailer. After taking it to Timbuktu, it’s got to be pretty good. Thanks John.”

Thanks John for the 3 bike trailer. The trailer was perfect for providing support to the two tours to the Sahara. It was just the ticket! We crossed the Atlas Mountains 6 times in 3 weeks and even took the trailer off road! We had to carry 4 bikes in total. At one point we had 3 bikes on the trailer including two BMWs.
We had no problems at all and are now readying the trailer to ship it to Argentina for our next trip up Ruta 40 and on to Alaska……a 20,000 mile trip !

Once again, John, you provided us with a tough, quality product.
Thanks again for all your support.

Nick Sanders
Thank you for the trailer. I’ve had it for around 3 years now, its lives outside and is almost as good as new. More than a few people have remarked how well built it is. It’s one of the best value and well made items I have bought and I expect it will last for many years – thank you again 🙂
Simon Carpenter
You made me a single big bike trailer with extra hooks at the front to take handle bar ties and I promised you some feedback. Unfortunately because the handle bars are rubber mounted and large and swept back they can’t take any tightening down so that didn’t work as I planned. However using the wheel lock gives me enough just to keep the bike upright while I fix the tie downs. Trailer is brilliant all round, many thanks,
Brian Mason
Thank you for your help on Sunday. The trailer towed very well over the 130 miles to my destination. Unfortunately, I cannot leave Ebay feedback as the transaction was not conducted through an Ebay bid. At least you saved some of their fees!

Thank you again.

Professor Richard Parish, CBE, DSc, HonFRPharmS
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new trailer,I have towed the trailer down to the south of France and
used it to pick up various items and all without any problems.I dont even know the trailer is there when towing,will recommend
you to all my friends.
Trevor Humphrey
I am pleased to advise you, that since purchasing your 6 feet covered trailer back in June 2009, I have regularly towed it behind my motor caravan, with all the equipment necessary to support summer long holidays around Europe. During this time the trailer has covered more than 16,000 miles in 17 countries including Albania’s dirt tracks and the trials of some of Romania’s and Ukraine’s lesser roads. The robust structure of the trailer continues to endure all required of it, apart from the rear sheet’s Velcro adhesive qualities, which has suffered from the baking of the +49C temperature it has experienced.
Edward Major
I bought a twin axle trailer from yourselves in September 2012 and I have to say it has been a fantastic workhorse. We bought a property in France in the Charente Maritime region which is situated about 600kms from Calais. The trailer has made at least 4 trips back and forth from the UK, travelling mostly on Motorways at speeds of 80-90 mph and even when fully loaded it has behaved impeccably, never once swaying or feeling unstable. We have also used it to pick up furniture, building materials and used it for a complete house move. I could not speak more highly of the build quality and performance of the trailer and have had many people compliment us on the trailer.
Alan Larking
I would like to let you know that I purchased a twin wheel trailer from yourselves in january of 2014 we have driven between London and the south of France 9 times some 18000 miles that one trip per month with 2000 kg plus each trip. we have found it easy to drive with, and good reversing too.
Ralph Edward (London)
Just a line to let you know my trailer arrived safely this morning as arranged.
To say I am delighted with it would be an understatement as it exceeds my expectations and I am very pleased and impressed with the quality of workmanship.
The twin axle 8×4 is perfect for my needs and has features not found on trailers costing much more.
Finally, the help and advice you gave when I first enquired together with the speed of production and delivery was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend your products based on this experience to anyone looking for a quality trailer.
Brian Young
Just towed the trailer fully loaded to the south of France, it makes an excellent kayak trailer as well, and will send you some pictures.

Thank you for an excellent piece of kit.

Phil Gasson, Adventure Ardeche
Just a quick message to say thanks for sorting me out with one of your quality trailers.

There really has been a lot of thought put into the design of your range and they are all superb. Apologies for my surprise when I actually seen the size of the 8×4 close up – I think with the cage and cover on – I pictured it in my mind as the size of a small caravan sitting on the drive (although that said, it was a cracking trailer). So to then jump to a 6×4 might have seemed strange I suppose (and for me as well because I’d set my heart on at least a 7×4), but the 6×4 will more than suffice me for what I need and it still has the same features and build quality of its bigger brothers – but won’t annoy the misses as much on the drive 🙂

Towing it home was a dream, never even noticed it was there.

Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend you if any of my friends are looking for something similar in the future. If you want an updated testimony etc for the website, just drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to oblige.

Dave (Wrexham)
Sorry that I have not been back to you before but moving home have been a little hectic to say the least, but just a quick note to thank you for the trailer which arrived safe and sound courtesy of Riccardo.

I must say that it’s an excellent trailer, extremely well built and I am very pleased with it and would not hesitate recommending your trailers to anyone.

Stewart Gammon
A big thank you to Phoenix !
I bought a 7′ general purpose trailer from you a couple of months ago and tested its all round strength by tipping it on its side Monday lunchtime, loaded with green stuff. Virtually no damage at all – fantastic!
The only thing that broke was the tow hitch – twisted to one side, so I needed a new one. A call to you perhaps 2.30-3pm on monday and in the post Tuesday am was the hitch – fitted in a few minutes and everything back to normal.
The trip to the tip continued with just a 24 hr delay – and no tipping over again!
The message to anyone thinking of buying one of your trailers – ” do it, theyre strong, fantastic value and the service is first class”
Alex G (Devon)
At the beginning of June I bought a three bike braked trailer from yourselves.
We have just returned from a two week holiday in France in the Jura Mountains area. We took a Triumph Sprint 955, a Suzuki Bandit 600 and a Husaberg FE550. We estimate the total load was somewhere around the 700kg mark.
The trailer didn’t miss a beat. On the way down we went though some atrocious weather conditions and the trailer was completely solid. Even when doing 70mph for hours at a time the tyres only ever got warm.
Thanks again for a great trailer. I’ve included a couple of photo’s of it all loaded up.
Thank you for the excellent trailer that you supplied me last week. All I can say about it is that it is extremely good value for money (something that isn’t always easy to find nowadays) and of excellent build quality, it tows effortlessly and looks great too. I did previously look at similar size trailers at our local suppliers, Blue Line, but they were of a much lower spec than yours and were several hundred pounds dearer. Also their sales staff were not as helpful and pleasant as the experience I have had with Phoenix.
I have passed on your details to all of my paramotoring friends and recommend that they look you up on Ebay.
As things get busier and I find the need to add more trailers for business & flying/camping, I will come back to Phoenix every time !
Dave Westall
We arrived safe and sound in Hungary after a 3000km trip through France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and finally Hungary. The trailer performed superbly, with no problems. The roads through France etc were good but the roads in Croatia and Hungary, once off the motorways, were rough but the trailer handled well. We travelled at 90-110km/hr on the motorways and 70-90km/hr on the other roads.
Thanks once again and I can thoroughly recommend your trailers to anybody.
Just short note regarding the three bike trailer recently purchased from you.
It is as good as gold. It carries my large Kawasaki VN cruiser as well as a couple of smaller bikes comfortably and has proved to be very steady both loaded and empty.
It also does not suffer from “bounce” when not loaded. You have carefully thought out the design and it works. It also greater flexibility than any other bike trailer I have used.
Recommend it to anyone!
George Maclean
4000 thousand miles around Morroco with two bikes. this trailer
is absolutely amazing, stable and bullet proof. If you wish for more
photos copyright free and any endorsement please shout. To be honest
I did not appreciate or see half the details on the trailor until we
were on the trip.
Well, the trailer handled excellently behind the Dodge, in fact i never really noticed it was there (apart form the rattles..well it was empty… ha ha!!) , but as i say, it towed superb,,,, and the trip home with a detour (thanks to the wife wishing to see her sister) was an uneventful one….a few looks at the trailer by passing motorists…, well i say unevent full, not quite, as part way home the stitching on the canvas started to tear at the nearside front corner..where the bungy cable is ( but can be easily repaired by a local car upholsterer…, but a minor problem i think!!)

However other than that, all my friends/neighbours , and work mates/clients have all commented upon it, from the overall fab design to the fantastic, neat welding, and the fact it is (the frame) welded THEN Hot dip galvanized, not galv’d then welded…

And the fact it handles well with a load on board, and if you post this, any chippies/joiners out there the sheet mateial with the roundels and not checker plate used for the main floor does not mark sheets of ply …so an other thumbs up!!!

All round pound for pound, the best trailer i have ever come across, and the journey up from Kent, (inc the over night stay was well and truely worth the time…and money…) in it’s first week it has already started to earn it’s outlay……

We have started to put your company upon our Dodge owners website, (pic to follow!!!) and i have decided to that when my own company website gets updatedlater in the year , i will be posting a link to your good selves….i will e-mail you again shortly when the links are established, so you can see….

Oh well enough waffle, but thanks again for building such an all round great trailer… in a word (well 2 actually ) SUPERB PERFECTION …in a trailer….

Matt Sullivan
I bought this trailer from you in 2014 for our 2 Harleys – put some anti slip down to help loading and added a couple of tie downs (as I am a belt and braces tower) and reflective strips.

We are pleased with the Trailer it tows well and just what we wanted we haven’t had much luck with the inflatable Jockey wheels. So I’ve gone for Alko heavy duty wheel (plastic) one.

Nick Woolger
Just a few words to say how pleased i am with the 2 bike trailer i picked up on monday. I did a 200 mile round trip on tuesday in heavy rain to pick up a Honda CBX 1000 and the trailer was a superb effortless safe tow. I am impressed with the quality and build and will pass my recommendations on to others. Thanks
G.J.Griffiths ( ex proprietor of Bewdley Auto Services )
I just wanted to let you know that my 9×4 twin axle trailer has been a delight to tow over the first 12 months. Having previously hired a box trailer I fully appreciate how light and stable this one is.I have driven to Calais, Dunkirk and Romania with aid and made several trips from the South-West to London airports without any difficulties.In fact I’m about to set off to Romania again next month so that will be around 10,000 miles in the year.
Life 2 Romania, Life 2 Romania