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About Nick Sanders

Nick has been riding motorbikes since he was 16 years old. Since 1992 when he first rode around the world on an Indian Enfield 500cc ‘Bullet’ he has been riding professionally ever since. His expeditions culminated in an historic re-capture of his solo circumnavigation by motorcycle on a Yamaha R1 in 19 days. Over the past 7 years he has motorcycled around the world 4 times, on three occasions riding over 30 000 miles. On the second of these adventures he led a group of 22 riders across 17 countries and 5 continents.

In 1996 Nick rode the length of the Americas from Ushuaia to Fairbanks in 30 days as a training run for his first speed circumnavigation a year later. Subsequently he has ridden up and down the Alaskan Highway 8 times, taken groups of riders on his tours to North America, Europe, India and is one of only two motorcyclists ever to guide riders around the world, the Holy Grail of motorcycle touring.

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Nick Sanders writes about Phoenix Trailers……..

“Before I left for Timbuktu, I looked around for a trailer that could carry up to three bikes along what I knew has one of the worst roads in the world on it’s route. If we hadn’t got the right support there, we’d be 8000 miles away from home and in a right mess. John at Phoenix asked me to road test one of his trailers and it was great. It passed the test. For ordinary roadwork I wouldn’t hesitate to use a Phoenix trailer. After taking it to Timbuktu, it’s got to be pretty good. Thanks John.”

More from Nick Sanders as the journey continues…


All going well, some photos for you as we travelled across Patagonia – very very hard trip so far but amazing. Your trailer is holding up very well, no problems…I’ll send you some more photos soon.

These three photos called 1,2 & 3 show the trailer on Ruta 40 in Patagonia. This is a 1000 km stretch over serious off road! It was great! No fuel, wild camping, 90 mph cross winds and the inevitable crashes. The trailer took a huge beating but stood up to it extremely well. We are now in Bolivia in La Paz the highest city in the world and cross into Peru via Lake Titicaca today. Regards Nick & Caroline

Nickpic1Hi John
We have crossed the Andes twice with your trailer! This picture is after the first crossing. We went to over 4500m.
Nick & Caroline


Dear John,

I’m emailing you on Nick’s behalf and hope to call you next week.
Just to update you Nick has now arrived in Canada and is heading for Alaska. He is about to ride from Pruhdoe Bay to Ushuaia along the Pan American highway again….it is a solo journey this time and an attempt at the record.

When he gets back he will be taking two groups of riders to Morocco to the edge of the Sahara. Group one includes the boss of Carole Nash and the boss of UK Yamaha! Group two – which follows immediately the first lot have gone home – is a group of riders who have won a competition set up by Shell who are one of Nick’s main sponsors now. 
This group includes a journalist and a publicist and will be published in Motorrad and filmed for Shell.
Suddenly – after 28 years! – the level of representation and exposure has taken off. He has been given 14 pages in Motorrad magazine which is amazing as it has a massive circulation. We have also just had confirmation of our space at the NEC motorcycle show in November/December. It is very good indeed as we are right next door to the main Yamaha stand and very well placed.
I need to discuss with you about a trailer – again! As we are returning to South America in the Spring of 2011 to do another Pan American tour we left the 3 bike trailer there. Shipping costs are very high and trailers out there are appallingly made! You would be horrified! So again I am short one 3 bike trailer.
Can I call you to discuss a trailer to take 3 bikes – this time we will be crossing the Atlas mountains about 5 times. In addition we will be driving 3 bikes down to Africa across Europe. The last trailer did the whole length of Ruta 40 in Argentina and crossed the Andes several times rescuing fallen bikes! Our Argentinian guide is using it again this week to bring back the last bike that crashed in northern Argentina. We were very pleased with the trailer indeed

Meantime have a nice weekend and we will speak soon